People all over the world admire and
proudly display the World Peace Flag
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In the days and weeks after 9:11, and the surge of sorrow and grief witnessed throughout the world, the idea came to me that a united global effort to confront the forces of terrorism needed an image—a visual metaphor that would stand for the collaboration of a community of nations, aligning themselves to wage peace, and that in the dedication to this just and singular intent, the forces of darkness could be met and reintegrated.

Stand up with us for peace and justice in the next decade of the 21st century. Fly your World Peace Flag with honor, and join the global citizens around the world --- together we can raise the vision of a peaceful planet.
Sam A. Muller - Globaleye2000

"When I get older, I will be stronger, they'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag..."
  K'naan '10


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Sam Muller with Jay Leno

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